Top 10 Choices Of What To Do During school Holidays In Gloucester In 2016

Holidays are days that are set aside where normal day’s activities are normally suspended. In Gloucester there are wide range of activities that one can do have the best time from school holidays?

If You Are Unfamiliar With What To Do For School Holidays Read On To Discover Various Activities That You Can Do.
Skatting, kids that like adventurous activities can enjoy this by scatting of too various festivals, skateboarding completions, live music events or even in open areas this will help them to have a good time and allow them to have fun out of the normal routine. This activity will also be important in preparing kids for the scratch and skate festival even.

Testing fishing skills, this activity is favorable during the month of august since well-known clubs in Gloucester offers fishing completions. Hence testing fishing skills will enable you to be in a position having better results during completion. Testing fishing skills can be done during holidays since you have extra time. This is a simple activity but it promises a lot of fun at the end of the day.

Making friends with rare breeds, this activity can be done by visiting some animals that are not common n real or normal environment, such animals include Bagot goats, Cotswold lion sheep and Golden Guernsey. Creating rare friends is made possible by feeding and getting close to these animals watching their strange feeding habits this will make your time more enjoyable.

Take a bout ride, family organized events that take place mostly during school holidays hence taking a boat ride during this events will enable you to have best time with your family friend this will also make your summer to be more enjoyable according to your expectation

You can also haunt for wonders that have been hidden, this is where you use a GPS enabled devices to search things that have been hidden in a certain area without knowledge of what is hidden, it depends on your luck you can find out that it is an old shoe that is hidden or even a nice jewelry. This activity involves a group of people to make the activity more enjoyable

Taking inspiration from artisans maker. There are wide range of art and craft makers hence they provide good opportunity to see jewelers, potters, leatherworkers this also hence to nature and also discover your talent.

Having this information about various thing that you can do for holiday in Gloucester in 2016, you should be looking forward to your next holiday to practice these amazing activities.


Walking Holidays and Routes in Gloucester

north of llangollen near worlds end

The city of Gloucester is housed within Gloucestershire, which is located in South England. The place is widely famous for its many beautiful Cotswold villages and towns as well.

Walking Holidays Gloucester

Notably, the walking holidays often present in Gloucester have contributed to the popularity of the city to a great extent. Walking holidays are a definitely ultimate way to spend free and valuable time with family and/or friends. Below, we present some of the most interesting holidays in Gloucester, and also routes.

  1. Offa’s Dyke National Trail

Length: 287.6 km

Region: Wye Valley Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean is among the few remaining ancient forests in the whole of England. It’s bounded by River Wye’s lower section to the west. Covering 27,000 acres, it was initially a royal hunting forest, and was valued for centuries for its great resources: stone, timber, coal and iron.


The Wye Valley is a designated area of exemplary natural beauty. It boasts a spectacular gorge, through which River Wye flows. There’re numerous walks, and places to visit as well, on the 14-mile stretch of River Wye along the lower Wye Valley.

You’ll come across fantastic viewpoints such as the The Devil’s Pulpit’, Eagles Nest’ and Wintours Leap’. These are among the highest inland cliffs within Britain. There’re several long-distance footpaths, including the Wysis way, The Gloucestershire way, the Wye Valley walk and Offas Dyke National Trail. The above can be linked to form a number of picturesque, impressive circular walks.

Walking is an all-year round activity in the Forest of Dean. Spring will see the forest carpeted with Wild Garlic and Bluebells, while in Summer, the sunlight will add shadows onto the forest, sparkling to the River Wye.

  1. Symonds Yat Rock 

Length: 6.5 km

Region: Wye Valley Forest of Dean

This is a short Forest of Dean walk, offering exquisite views of River Wye. It serves to provide a good introduction to an area of ancient woodland. This route follows a quieter option of the High Meadow woods to discover the highlight of the day, the Yat Rock viewpoint.

You’ll realize the paths to be well defined. However, proper navigational skills may prove necessary. The Saracen’s Head pub will make for a pleasant meal break after the walk. This pub overlooks the River Wye, as well as the ferry. All the paths in this walk rightfully bear the leisure path status.

  1. The Tyndale Monument, From Wotton-Under-Edge

Length: 8.9 km

Region: Cotswolds

The walk begins at Wotton-Under-Edge’s Gloucestershire village, using the Cotswold way in getting to the Tyndale monument. You’ll enjoy excellent views of the River Severn from here. On the other hand, the return route makes use of byways and lanes through the rolling countryside, well typical of the area.

The Cotswolds offer a great mixture of countryside which is often quoted to be typically English’. The short route offers unique, expansive views west to the Welsh mountains and south to Bristol, as well as the added benefit of the inclusion of two monuments.

There’re even more abundant sites to view in Gloucester, other than the ones quoted above. The dignified towns and villages owe most of their charm form using warm, honey-coloured limestone. Most of the manor houses and fine churches in the area attribute their existence to the generosity of wealthy medieval yeoman farmers, as well as wool merchants.

Numerous streams often wind through the valleys, chattering alongside the main streets. The place is definitely and greatly appropriate for walking holidays, most of which always turn out interesting and exclusive.





Things to do in Gloucester

SEndOfGloucesterEastgateStnThe UK is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. One would think that this is an overstatement, but wait till you see and experience the rich history, culture and natural beauty embedded in Gloucester which lies to the South West of England. Everything about Gloucester is simply amazing. For example, the city, though an English one, has Roman origins. Mind you, it has been in existence since AD 97.  Continue reading


Historical Facts About Gloucester

EEnd-PAR800The City of Gloucester has an exceptional history from its Roman foundations to its Victorian docklands. It is an exciting multi-cultural city which combines historic architecture with a distinctive blend of entertainment and festivals, visitor attractions, a collection of high street and specialists’ shops, and a mouth-watering array of pubs, wine bars, restaurants, and tea shops, all offering drinks and food for all tastes. Gloucester city is overlooked by the Cotswolds Hills in the plush Severn Valley and is easily reachable from all corners of the country. Continue reading


Meet the GM at Hallmark Gloucester


With the £3 million refurbishment now complete at Gloucester it’s time to meet the GM and find out how he got where he is today…

Name: Daniel Graham


Status: Married!

Qualifications: “Umm – film and photography! (true)!”

How did you arrive in the hotel business?

I was a silver service waiter at a hotel when I was 16 then got a bar job at 17 and ended up running a pub / restaurant near home during the summer holidays. After trying to be a photographer I thought I should concentrate on something I was quite good at so went into catering and joined Thistle as a trainee manager in Bristol at 18 years old.

What is it you enjoy about being a General Manager?

I enjoy strategically running a business and coming up with solutions to problems, ideally ones that have not actually occurred yet. I like to see a team come together and realise that good results are possible.

How is it different from the competition?

I am pleased to be in a position now where we can legitimately claim to be the best hotel in Gloucester and in the upcoming months that will be our selling point, to get that message out to the local area and beyond.


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Making the most of your visit to the Cotswolds…

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