The Top 5 Christmas Events in Gloucester, UK 2013

Christmas is coming soon and one really can’t escape the festive mood. If one happens to be near Gloucester then him or she should consider himself a bit lucky this year since there are a lot of Christmas related events are going to take place there. With the festive period approaching and high numbers flocking to the area, those that are seeking family hotels in Gloucester over this period will need to book in advance. That’s what this article is all about, the top 5 Christmas events in Gloucester, UK 2013.

Gloucester Christmas1. Christmas Celebrations at the Gloucester Folk Museum

The beloved folk museum in Gloucester is conducting a few workshops on knitting and sewing this Holiday season. One surely can, or rather should, visit the museum with his or her family and take part in woollen sock knitting workshop. It will also be a great experience for kids who can then take the woven sock to hang them near the fireplace at their home. The folk museum also allows young children to pin their wishes on the Wishing tree and then receives a message from Santa Claus delivered at their doorstep. The historical museum doesn’t stop just at conducting a couple of workshops. Rather it is going all the way to celebrate this Christmas in a grand Victorian style and organise some quizzes and activities for everyone.

2. Celebrations at the City Museum

The city museum is all set and geared up to celebrating Christmas on a grand scale this season. Organizing a workshop for local families, the city museum is appealing them to unleash their creativity in the form of Christmas decorations. The best part is that families can take their creations back home and pin it to their very own Christmas trees. A perfect solution for those who are having a tough time finding tree decorations. The entry fee for this workshop is 35 pounds sterling and includes everything from material costs to refreshments.

Gloucester Cathedral at Christmas3. Festive celebrations conducted by the Gloucester Cathedral

The cathedral, which also happens to be a big tourist attraction nearby, has plans that will attract a lot of fanfare this festive season. The cathedral’s plans include hosting a Christmas market where handmade artefacts related to the theme can be bought. This is a perfect place to find some innovative gifts for loved ones. Apart from the regular Christmas carols being sung, the cathedral also offers a 45-minute crib service where in families can safely drop their toddlers for around 45 minutes while visiting the church for Christmas celebrations. Just take into consideration that Gloucester accommodation for families can fill up quickly, so arranging accommodation beforehand will save a lot of hassle and ensure you can enjoy the festivities.

4. Rugby Camp in Gloucester.

Christmas is not just about basking in the warmth of a family reunion or utilizing the holidays for lazing around the bed. The Kingsholm Primary School situated in Gloucester has organized a Rugby Camp for kids to promote the sport. Professional coaches and players will also attend the even, giving the sport and its young aspirants a massive boost of inspiration and morale. The camp is intended to cover all the basics of the sport, which includes handling, tackling and game analysis.

5. Carols on Boxing Day at the Gloucester cathedral

The Gloucester cathedral has organized a family carol singing session with Gloucester Choral Society. The cathedral’s director of music is also set to make an appearance along with expert organ player Anthony Gowing. The event is also being conducted for charity purposes and while the entry is free, donations are always welcome.

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